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The Big Book of You is a hard cover coffee table book with full color pages filled with contributed artwork and photography from all over the world. It also includes additional text (explaining some of the ideas presented in the poetry) as well as spiritually significant quotes from well known pundits.

The Big Book of You is about juxtaposing the light and the dark of who we are. If we are all one then we are all that we see before us both “good” and “bad.” It would be valuable to acknowledge that what we perceive as bad is available to us so that we can release it (it isn’t really bad, it just is). The book and movie helps to nudge us in the direction of acknowledging the dark side while celebrating the light. Keeping these concepts (dark and light) so close together in the poetry makes it energetically easier to assimilate, find balance and let go.

With Endorsements from best selling authors Joe Vitale, Peggy McColl, Jack Canfield, Gary Renard and Kim George, this book is creating a buzz AND changing peoples lives.