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Jennifer offers several products and services everything from healing sessions to teleseminars and mediation CDs (that include her work in sound vibrational healing). Below you will find a brief description that will link to a longer more detailed page for each of her products. All Jennifer's products and services are designed with your well being in mind. They each work in slightly different ways to both individually and in aggregate contribute to new levels of success, health and wealth...

Healing Life ~ Healing Business

Come join us for a Streaming Video on Demand Workshop...

~Day 1 and 2
Now is your chance to explore and heal the areas within your life, during the first two days, identifying internal core issues and releasing the obstacles to financial security, personal freedom and uncovering and identifying your personal gifts, restoring a sense of true fulfillment

~Day 3and 4
On the last two days you will systematically learn the steps to…. identifying your niche, establish a brand identity, step by step procedures and strategies to create new products and build a successful online business

Most workshops either deal with internal healing and personal growth and development OR business and identifying and implementing business strategies...

Though my personal experience they are both  intertwined... and when you honor each aspect--both personal and the business side--miracles happen

Watch these amazing testimonials:


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Special 8 Part Series:

Ho'oponopono and The New Spiritual Principles

    When we ask, "why me" then it is time to go deeper, discover more and explore the inner core that reflects the outer reality

This 8-part series takes you on a journey to your soul, an exploration of the deeper aspects of yourself. The techniques, meditations, exercises and healing tools help you to identify those areas that are ready for release, opening you up to your dreams. You can bring your life goals to fruition with elegance and light leaving behind chaos and challenge. This series shows you how to explore each moment and release so those moments don't have to lead to big obstacles, accidents and challenges.

Each talk is approximately 60 - 75 minutes (x8) of continuous activity, meditation, exercises and self healing techniques.

Purchase 8 CDs for ONLY $95! (was $299!) SOLD OUT

Purchase 8 Mp3s for ONLY $79!


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Tonal Healing

Part of my healing system includes work with sound. I often tone during healing sessions with clients and have found that it further cements the energetic shifts occurring in the body. During a healing session new patterns of health emerge, replacing the old released patterns. The toning knits these new patterns into a stronger place, like pulling either end of a piece of fabric to make the weave tighter.

Now you can experience what my healing clients have been experiencing for years, tones that knit the cells together within the framework of a specific intention. You will find several choices of different kinds of Tonal Healing balancing sessions including Grief, Heart Opening and Weight Loss. Purchase one or all, each are different and compliment one another.

What you will receive:

  • 15 - 20 minutes of toning , total run time is 30 - 40 minutes (in some cases the toning is 7-10 minutes of channeled tones repeated in two sets)
  • Guided meditation to opens you up to receive and resonate with the tones
  • Ho'oponopono version

JUST $10 for Each Tonal Healing Audio!

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"Recession Proof Your Beliefs...

...with a special "abundance building / anti-recession" body dialoging session and Soul Song

As part of the soul song retrieval process, I sync in with the harmony of the target's sound vibration to retrieve the individualized and personal melody. I have been told that pure tonal quality of my voice contributes to an auditory experience that uses the melody to re-balance your body to harmonize with the essence of the soul melody. The melody allows your cells to remember their vibrational harmony to the truth of this essence, in this case the Economy, to find further balancing and flow.

As you listen to the meditation and soul song you will help in healing the economy by healing your internal beliefs about recession, and in turn create a new found and deep seated "knowing" about your own abundance potential.

The meditation follows my system of internal dialoging recorded in Joe Vitale's book The Key. It guides you to the internal places of holding and obstruction to lack and where you might hold your own unconscious beliefs about recession. It also reintroduces the word "recession" into your unconscious mind to help you use the actual word "recession" as a trigger to feel the freedom and true happiness of security and wealth.

I know you will enjoy this as much as I did creating it.

JUST $37 for This Remarkable Product

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Healing with the Masters

Volume I: 12 CD or Mp3 Set

Volume II: 22 CD or Mp3 Set

Speakers Series with the leaders in spirituality and new thought.

Here is your chance to find out the intimate details of the daily work and routines these masters do to maintain and grow their own dreams and achieve their goals.

You want...

  • vibrant health
  • a fit body
  • to not be at the affect of aging
  • experience true love and a supportive partner
  • have the career of your dreams doing what you love
  • experience the freedom of true abundance and financial wealth

All of these things are your birthright, they are yours for the taking. But sometimes there are internal beliefs and traumas that are keeping us from these aspirations.

Imagine you could sit down with Salle and James Redfield and discuss The Celestine Prophesy, or with Eva Gregory, Law of Attraction specialist, radio personality and author and discover how she has really applied the law of attraction? You could ask what obstacles Peggy McColl had to overcome to find her way onto the New York Times bestseller list last summer for her book Your Destiny Switch, or ask renowned coach Kim George how she developed the very successful and brilliant program The Abundance Quotient and how she applies this to her life and business. Maybe how Ellen Britt went from Emergency Room P.A. to extremely successful full time online entrepreneur and self help coach? Then there is Dr. Eric Pearl's amazing story of the discovery of his remarkable healing abilities, and how Anodea Judith overcame the challenges of lyme disease, and of course Mark Joyner's amazing journey from high school drop out to mega-millionaire Internet guru. This is your chance to hear, integrate and apply this to your own life.


March 10 - May 27


VOLUME I: Click Here for more information and how to purchase Volume I that includes: Mark Joyner (Simpelology), James Redfield (Celestine Prophesy), Lynn Andrews (famous shaman), Eric Pearl (The Reconnection), Dee Wallace (played the mother on the Movie ET), Peggy McColl (NY Times bestselling author), Anodea Judith (Renowned author and chakra expert), David Riklan (SelfGrowth.com), Kim George (Abundance Quotient), Eva Gregory (Law of Attraction), Ellen Britt (EveryDay Qi)


Volume II: Click here for information on your purchase options for Volume II that included  the following speakers: Stephen Lewis (EMC2), Dannion Brinkley) Saved by the Light), Meg Blackburn (renowned intuitive), Sonia Choquette (NY Times Bestselling author), James Twyman (Troubador of Peace), Joe Vitale From The Secret), Gregg Braden NY Times bestselling author), Lynne McTaggart (bestselling author), Eric Pearl, Dee Wallace, Timothy Freke (best selling author), Janet Attwood (NY Times bestselling author), Mabel Katz (Ho'oponopono expert), Ryan  Lee (coach and author), Vanda Mikiloski (stand up comedian), Michael Tamura teacher and author), Tomas Vieira and Nouk Sanchez (Course in Miracles Experts), Wendi Friesen (Top healing Hypnosis expert), Mary A Hall (EFT expert) and Sandra Lemieux (intuitive counselor)

Vibrational Healing Teleseminar Series

I created this 7-week vibrational teleseminar healing intensive with two other incredibly powerful women (Mary Hall and Kaitlyn Keyt)  to help you to understand the principles, use the techniques, and clear your energetic speed bumps, opening you into balance, health and wealth.

What you can expect from this program...

  • Regular techniques and exercises that you can listen to again and again for ongoing healing

  • An EFT session that you can revisit and use again (a $125 value)

  • Learn how to access your own H.E.A.R.T. healing energy (a $200 value)

  • Special access to products and services

  • A tonal healing that uses vibrational healing tones to clear patterns (see video below) and that can be reviewed and replayed indefinitely (a $75 value)

  • A special Soul Song that when listened to for 21 straight days will alter your cells into a pattern of remembering your true essence at this place and time (a $250 value)

Vibration Healing is available for sale as Mp3s or 7-CD package.