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Jennifer Is Included In Joe Vitale's New Book

 Joe Vitale, featured teacher in The Secret and recognized visionary with his new book  Zero Limits, invited Jennifer to contribute a chapter to his new  book, coming out in the fall, called The Key. Jennifer is offering two clearing exercises for releasing the old beliefs, and caked on energy debris and open you up to the flow of your dreams. Her chapter will allow you to clear your body of these old thoughts and traumas

Jennifer no longer does
one-on-one session work...

...her busy schedule no longer allows Jennifer to do one-on-one session work.

She does however do monthly  group coaching healings where you can experience one-on-one work with her in a group setting through her MasterWorks Healing Memberships site. Click here to sign up at a 50% discount (one monthly payment is a fraction of the cost of what it might cost for a session with one the monthly contributors or with Jennifer!)

Using a combination of healing techniques along with her natural instinctual healing abilities, Jennifer guides her clients through a gentle, deep and a sometimes fun trip through the unconscious and the core emotional and physical energy blocks of the body

She helps her clients to identify the areas that are creating limiting beliefs contributing to feelings of lack, dis-ease and pain and move them into ease and grace.

I wanted to write you a few lines to let you know what a profound impact you have had on my life in the relatively short time that I have known you and the sessions that I have done with you.

The first time I really understood the power of your gift was on the
Attract Wealth Teleseminar call.  Every speaker contributed something, but when it was your turn to participate you took that whole telephone call to another level.  The energy was just off the charts! I don't know if you even remember but I sent you an email expressing my gratitude that same night.  

You dazzled me again in Austin when it was your turn to speak and your meditation and tonal healing was quite frankly one of the most amazing healing experiences that I have ever had.  I was crying the whole time and I could literally feel my body purging years of unworthiness, pain and heartache.

In the two telephone sessions that I have had with you, and listening to your meditations in the interim, I am just over the top. You have facilitated the opening of something great within me.

You are one of the instrumental pieces of my life puzzle.  In all the years that I have been doing spiritual work---to get clear and in order to find the strength to pursue my life purpose---I am finally am ready to do exactly what I was put on this earth to do.  I am clear about my purpose and have absolutely NO hesitation to go after my dream.

I am so incredibly grateful to you for your gift, for sharing your knowledge, and your love, through your process. There are in fact many healers in this world, but you my dear stand in a league of your own.  I am and shall forever be grateful to you. Thank you for being an instrument of love and healing for all!   

Love, Blessings and Light
Aymee Rodriguez    

I want to thank you so much for giving so much of yourself in my wonderful healing session. That was really special to me and I know it will reshape my life. You are really good!!!!!  

Joan Schaefer, RN, BSN www.healthcoachtraining.com/joan

A Typical Session


I go to where  your body is calling me, usually where there is pain and tension. I look at it from the "inside” namely dropping my attention internally to that place of tension (pain fatigue, discomfort) then we investigate it. I ask it to show itself. Then we have a dialogue with it. Sometimes it shows up as a person (your little self, or your relative, or old rival). Sometimes it shows up as a color or an object, sometimes it is just a sense or emotion. We ask into what it is, what it wants to do, how  it served you, why it is there, and what needs to happen. While the dialogue is occurring I am finding other areas of the body where that energy block is also impacting and follow the tissue into an unwinding pattern until balance is achieved.


Then something shifts, you will get a tool or a helper to engage with the block or it  simply changes into another configuration or goes away. Then we fill the space with love and light and bless it, thank it for showing up to be released, apologies for the part of you that needed to create it, and love it and yourself.


It is similar to the observer effect in quantum physics, when you look at something, and watch it, the something that is being observed says “oh your watching me, let me show you a few things” and usually moves into the issue or trauma. By watching it and witnessing were it moves and what it does when it is observed, the block has the opportunity to change and alter and reorganizes into a new system or pattern of renewed health and balance.


Read an article I wrote abut the still point which is also a piece of this process.